BGMI Hack – Unlimited Battleground Mobile India UC Generator

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a game that is launched after PUBG was banned in India. This game came to life after the authorities banned the official version that was by Tencent. Now BGMI has been launched by Krafton. It is almost identical to the original PUBG, with slight differences that are added with various features. In this game, the players compete in a “Virtual Playground” against each other, and the eliminations of enemies are referred to as “finishes”. It is eligible and suitable for people who are above 18 years or more seasoned. Players who are fond of this game are often looking for BGMI hack or BGMI UC generator tools for getting free bgmi UC credits and other extras for buying various things from the shop in the game.

bgmi uc hack

BGMI UC Generator – BGMI UC Hack Tool

For the players who are often looking for getting free credits, BP or UC in the game, they are always looking for alternate ways to gain free UC and credits to buy unique and legendary items from the shop. For this purpose, a need of BGMI generator is in demand. As there is now an online BGMI generator available to be used, players can make the best out of their gaming experience with this easy to use tool.

How to Use BGMI UC Hack

It is very easy to use the BGMI hack for getting free UC and credits in your game account. You have to stick to these steps in case you are using a BGMI generator online.

  • Get to the official website for the BGMI generator.
  • At the home page, there are sections given where you can enter your username.
  • Select the platform of your choice.
  • Then you can click on connect button that lets you link your BGMI account with the generator to produce free UC and BP for your game.
  • After your account is verified and connected, you can select to choose the amount of UC you want to add in your account according to your requirement.
  • Click on generate option that is given under the section and wait for the BGMI generator to generate free UC or BP into your game account.
  • Once it’s done, you can turn on your game and check if you received your UC and then repeat the process.

In case the automatic verification of your account gets failed, you can do it yourself by the human verification process. After completing the human verification process for BGMI, UC will be transferred in no time to your account.

Complete Human Verification Manually

To get human verification completed manually, here are easy steps.

  • You have to share this generator on any social media site first.
  • After that, you can click the “verify now” button.
  • Then you can proceed to go up with the guidelines for completing the manual verification process.

Benefits of Using BGMI Hack

There are several benefits that you can get using the BGMI generator tool. This is an easy to use BGMI hack for getting free UC without spending any real money and without waiting anymore. You just have to access the official website. Some great features and benefits that the online BGMI hack has are.

Instant UC

The BGMI generator is an online platform that lets you generate instant UC for your game without waiting and without having to spend any real cash. You just have to use the online generator using simple procedures and by following the instructions to get your desired amount of UC in the account.

Platform Independent

This online BGMI generator is a free to use and independent hack that doesn’t require any specific platform to run on. It can be accessed through mobile phone devices as well as using web PC browsers to access and communicate. Users can make use of this tool almost anywhere by simply getting to the official website.

No Download Required

As it is accessible on the internet, there is no need to look for downloadable files for this generator. It is only available as an online tool to generate free UC credits, and any gamer can access and use it to get free credits in his account.

Fast and Responsive

It is an error-free and very responsive generator where gamers just have to input their info and wait for few seconds to get their accounts filled with a number of UC credits to be able to buy and get unique items from the shop. It operates within seconds and transfers the credits in your account in no time.

Interactive Interface

The players of BGMI can get along really well with the interactive interface of this BGMI hack as there are no tricky buttons and links to open. Everything is available on the home page screen, from where the players just have to add their account details and the amount of UC that they want.


This is a trusted and secure online generator hack for BGMI, as the official developer team has ensured its safety for all the players. It is 100% safe, and any player of BGMI can use this generator without worrying about getting his account data compromised over a third party or any such interruptions.

What is BGMI UC?

bgmi hack and bgmi uc generator

UC is a universal credit that was initially used in PUBG, and now BGMI also offers various purchases through this universal credit in the game. It’s a digital currency in the game that users have to buy using real cash by paying through any means of easy transfer of money online. The cash is converted into digital currency in the game through which players get to unlock exciting new tools and outfits in the game.

In case a player is interested in buying UC through official means with the worry of getting banned by using the online hack, he can proceed with this.

How to Purchase UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

The players who want to get UCs in their account to buy various items, they can follow the steps below.

  • When a player gets in the game, they can see the UC icon in the top right corner of their lobby.
  • The player can click on the UC icon from where he will be prompted with a screen that gives multiple options for purchasing UCs for the game account.
  • The player can make a selection of his choice and then tap on Ok to confirm the purchase.
  • A “payment method” will be given to the player through which he can make the selection to pay the price according to the necessary details and required payments.
  • After that, UCs will be added to his account.

There is a list of packs for buying UCs in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game:

  • 60UC for ₹89
  • 300UC + 25UC for just ₹449
  • 600UC + 60UC for just ₹899
  • 1,500UC + 300UC for just ₹2,199
  • 3,000UC + 850UC for just ₹4,499
  • 6,000UC + 2,100UC for just ₹8,900

This was complete detail for BGMI hack or BGMI generator that can help gamers to get UC easily credited in their account without paying a penny.


Can I transfer my PUBG data to BGMI?

Players are eligible to transfer their data from the PUBG game to their new game BGMI which includes all the skins for various guns and the game progress of their account along with all the unlocked items.

Is BGMI Hack free to use?

Yes, BGMI Hack is free and made available to be used by all the players of BGMI so that they can easily access the generator online and get their desired amount of UC. This tool doesn’t charge a penny for generating free UCs for their accounts.

What is the size of BGMI?

The APK file’s size of the BGMI game is 71.93 MBs, whereas the OBB file of this game is 636.46 MBs. There is more data required in case players want to download additional maps and textures in the game, along with skins of the guns.

Can you add free UC using the BGMI generator?

The BGMI generator is an online free tool that is made for generating UC for all the players who want to easily access and get free UC in their game account without having to pay a single penny. This is a fast and responsive hack tool where users just have to add account details and get loads of UC in no time.

Can I download BGMI hack?

You cannot download the BGMI hack as there is no such application or software available yet on any platform. You can only make use of a web browser to search and reach the official BGMI hack website from where you have platform-independent access to login and generate a maximum number of Universal Credits for your game account.

Is the BGMI generator secure?

BGMI generator is 100% secure of any bugs and errors, and developers ensured that no data would be harmed or shared with any third party. It is perfectly safe to use for the players to generate free UC.